Webvisions Notes: Kevin Murphy on The 3rd Generation of Social Media in the Enterprise

The 3rd Generation of Social Media in the Enterprise
Kevin Murphy

facilitated by
public relations
story telling
monitoring tools
web content

measuring tools

customer service
business strategy
coordinated systems
  • evolve the enterprise
    • be the coach
    • extend the strategy
  • core campaign / engagement pieces
    • what is the story you are trying to tell?
    • what are the building blocks? a shiny video, a cool graphic, a blog post
  • the open system
    • listening: not just reading what people have written, but looking at trends, and analyzing trends and sentiment.
    • ticketing: example - radiant6 engagement manager: you are tracking what is coming in, and making sure they get assigned out to experts, who can address it and close the ticket.)
    • content library: you need to be able to find, aggregate the content you can use: videos, slides, explanations, so that everyone can use and share it. if the ceo makes a cool video and shows it at a conference, do your bloggers know about it, and use it in their blogs?
    • crm
    • measuring
  • example flow...
    • issue is id’d
    • assigned to SME
    • SME finds related content
    • SME publishes
    • amplifiers and engagers tracked in CRM
    • results measured
    • sales follows up on CRM contacts
  • gamblers in vegas, if they check in and provide any social media information, the casinos are checking their cloud score, and giving them comps.
  • Setting up the Systems
    • Content: Curation and repository for everyone. Make it public.
    • Active Listening, which leads to Ticketing, ticketing includes CRM
      • It’s not enough to run the reports, someone has to be watching those dashboards and doing something.
    • Transformation > Filtering & Feeds
    • Social CRM - it’s not just for finding advocates, but also for creating leads.
      • TIP: If you aren’t doing it now, ask people for their twitter handles. You might not know what to do with it right now, but you’ll eventually want it.
  • Ticketing Tools:
    • Awareness
    • CodeTweets
    • Radiant6 Engagement Manager
  • Questions
    • Q: How do you manage twitter identity?
      • Use your company name. 
      • Maybe have a name per global region: BusinessNameChina, BusinessNameUS
      • Maybe have a name per key brand (e.g. the way HP does for printers vs. computers, for consumer vs. commercial brands)
  • ROI
    • ROI is not just activity, it’s the value of the impact.
      • Impact on web traffic
      • projected sales from an engaged customer
      • impact on cost of marketing
      • impact on cost of lead generation
      • impact on cost of support
      • impact on length of the sales cycle
    • What is the value of an engaged customer versus an unengaged customer?
  • HTC product support wiki
    • drastically reduced cost of support for HTC
    • especially because, only the most advanced users made it past the carrier’s customer support to HTC customer support.
    • these customers benefited most from the technical information and contributed tips and hacks
  • Potential points of debate
    • unified strategy or functional strategies
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