Erin Jo Richey on Mapping a Unified Experience Across Multiple Devices

Mapping A Unified Experience Across Multiple Devices
Erin Jo Richey
  • Maintaining a core vision
  • Working across..
    • Televisions, Cars, Kiosks, ATMs, table surfaces, displays refrigerators, mirrors. 
  • Habits of online newspaper readers, by device and time of day...
    • 97% of views on computer, 2% views on smartphone, <1% on tablets.
    • In early morning, more likely to use smartphones and tablets. During the day, people more likely to use computer. In the evening, phone and tablet skyrockets, and computers fall off.
  • Marketing strategies...
    • multichannel marketing: Sending out messages to multiple places. Just because you are communicating to all these channels doesn’t mean you have a strong campaign.
    • Cross channel marketing: You are sending out to multiple places, but you are targeting messages and collateral to the platforms where it works best, reaching them where they are with the right message at the right time. 
  • A continuous system, until it breaks.
    • Example: You bought a product on Thursday, and on Saturday you get a message about a discount for buying it. The communication strategy should be integrated so that the mailing list suppresses the addresses of the people who just bought it. 
  • Need information architecture strategy
    • Top down: user needs > company needs
    • Bottom up: where are customers now>
    • Push and pull marketing
  • So we’ve got all this activity, all these pressures from all different directions.
    • It’s a spider web, a messy bunch of interconnections
  • We’ve got to build bridges across experiences.
  • Environmental design...
  • /
    • Worksheet available as Omnigraffle or PDF
  • Worksheet goes through
    • External Forces (the nest) -- influence
    • The design your company creates (the egg) -- control
    • The internal Forces (the egg) -- influence
    • You can influence some of the external forces and the internal forces. But you can control the design.
  • The Egg
    • Message - the campaign, marketing message, or brand slogan
    • Content Item - the unique content item
    • Task - what task is associated with the content
    • Frequency - how frequently are these tasks performed?
    • Urgency - how urgently is the information needed or tasks get completed?
    • Privacy - is this content intended for one person, multiple people...
    • Intimacy
    • How to Track - How do we track usage
    • What to Measure
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